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Making Kefir Beer

Heidi Jean presents information on making nondairy kefir in this pdf file.

Making Jerky

Heidi Jean takes the fear out of making jerky at home in this pdf file.

Children on Meat-free Diets 'Suffer Impaired Growth'

Evidence is mounting that children really do need animal foods in their formative years.  "Denying growing children animal products in their diet during the critical first few years of life was "unethical" and could do permanent damage, said Professor Lindsay Allen, from the University of California at Davis."

Dr. Arden Anderson Interview

In this interview, Dr. Arden Anderson touches on several topics that were the focus of the Oct. WAPF conference, including soil fertility, microwave ovens, GMO foods and irradiated food. His work with soil and minerals also supports Mark Purdey's theory of the origins of BSE.  His main focus is nutrition.

Making Kimchi

Heidi Jean takes you step by step through the process of making kimchiin this pdf file; She allays the fears and misconceptions common in many beginning fermenters.

Food Pyramid Updates (pdf file)

"In fact, the proportions of proteins, fats and carbohydrates advocated by the USDA Food Pyramid and Dietary Guidelines are alarmingly similar to the USDA guidelines for fattening cattle and other livestock, which are approximately 10% protein, 29% fats and 61% carbohydrates."