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North Texas Traditional Living Local Farm Guide

Note: These are farms who were practicing traditional methods of farming or ranching at the time they were added to this page. It is up to the buyer to research, visit and develop a relationship with those farms who comply with the buyer's value system.

Why Support Local Farms?

Local, organic food: a real deal!

For information on real milk in Texas, see the TX Milk Law page. Also visit the WAPF Real Milk Website for general information and some other local listings. Some listings below have links to the farm websites. Just click the name.

Bard Farms, Whitesboro

At Bard Farms we are wholistic with the soil, and the animals. We offer grass fed (hay in the winter) non-chemical beef from our Lowline Angus cattle. We off beef in late spring after our animals gorge themselves on healthy spring rye grass and clover. We process our animals at Muenster meats in Muenster Texas (the best facility we have found within a hundred and fifty mile radius of our home). We cut the best steaks from the animals for your eating pleasure and everything else is 100 % hamburger without added fats or fillers. Our e-mail address is icok@hughes.net Please feel free to ask any questions. Visits have to be prearranged well in advance.

Beulah Land, NE of Dallas

Located northeast of Dallas, Debbie & John Burns produce frozen & some fresh; pastured poultry, eggs, rabbits, goat milk cheese, natural soaps, garden vegetables. They use organic principles (follow Howard Garrett if you know who he is), and really seem to care about what they are doing, learning as they go.  They care for their animals like they are part of the family. The quality of their foods is excellent.

Boggy Creek Farm, Austin

Some of the best produce and growing practices in the state. Well worth the drive.

Burgundy Pasture Beef, Grandview

Texas meat at its finest! Burgundy Pasture Beef provides excellent quality, 100% grass fed beef and more. Choose the cuts you like and enjoy them for a fair price. Come on down to the Grandview store or have your foods delivered to a location near you in the Metroplex, or even nationwide. A ranching family for decades, John and Wendy Taggart offer the best of both worlds by producing tasty, gourmet meat that is also highly nutritious. They follow these standards:

"We ONLY offer foods that meet our strict core philosophy. That means raised in a sustainable manner and in the most natural setting - on pasture - in the open air and sunshine - and NEVER with the use of growth promotants (hormones) or any other artificial circumstance."

Savor what beef was meant to be - while enjoying a distinct nutritional advantage of beef that is never fed any grains. This is a simple wholesome beef with a rich flavor that you will long remember. Pastured pork, lamb and seasonal products are also available. Call 817-866-2247 or email burgundy@alltel.net for more information, or visit their website linked above.

Coppell Farmers Market, Coppell

email: farmersmarket@ci.coppell.tx.us for more information. They have 2 organic farmers, one of whom sells eggs.

Country Jersey Maid Dairy Farm, Cleburne

4225 Bramblett Road, Cleburne Texas. Ina Gilks, 817-645-1291, ggilks@hughes.net.  Fresh raw Jersey milk (and butter when available).  Fresh large brown eggs.  They are a LLC Milk Club and dues are $25.00 a year. They are a small family-owned business and may be the only people in Texas raising Mini and Old World (guinea) Jersey's to sell. They are milking 3 standard size Jersey's, With more to be added as they calve. They hope to add cheese to their line within the next year.

Dominion Farms, Denison

This is an extended family group working together to produce healthy pastured pork, chicken, eggs, beef, and pet foods (BARF) - all very high quality. They follow the Joel Salatin process, and are very knowledgeable about sustainable, grass-fed ranching.  Email Steve at zeke.7@juno.com

Sandra Embry, Kemp (SE of Dallas)

Family farm willing to delivery pastured pork and chicken. Call Sandra Embry at 903-498-6346.

Fair Meadow Farm, East Texas

We are a family owned and operated licensed grade A raw goat milk dairy located in east Texas just north of Tyler. We do not use any pesticides, insecticides, herbicides, antibiotics, growth hormones or milk stimulants. Our herd is rotationally grazed on our meadow which is fertilized with all natural and organic products. We offer raw goat milk both fresh and frozen goat milk. In addition we also offer goat milk soaps and lotions made with no chemical preservatives. All members of our Nubian goat herd are registered with the American Dairy Goat Association. Our farm is also home to Livestock Guardian Dogs known as "Farmcollies." which are registered with the American Working Farmcollies Association. You may contact us through our website at www.fairmeadowfarm.com or call 903-769-4980.

Falster Farm & Miniature Cattle Ranch, East Texas

On the Falster Farm web site you will be introduced by photography and story to their working family farm: Falster Miniature Hereford cows (a Heritage Breed,) Pasture Raised Poultry and Eggs -- and of course, good health ideas. They conduct internships: Spring - Fall Round-up as well as Farm Tours. Call for appointments to purchase of their Non-Certified Organic peppers, melons, tomatoes, beans, squash (fall and summer,) cucumbers and fresh cut flowers. The Falster's were Organic before the USDA knew it existed (since 1970.)

Non-Certified Organic Grass-Finished Miniature Hereford Beef is the most tender, call for pricing and which cuts and quantities are available. 903.629.3034 "Ranchers of Pure-Bred Cattle in Miniature"

Full Quiver Farms, SE of Dallas

The Sams family has a Grade A cheese operation (you can find their cheeses and cheese spreads at any Whole Foods Market in the Dallas/Fort Worth area), and provides pork, pastured chicken, eggs, Kombucha tea, and assorted lacto-fermented vegetables. Call Debbie at 903-498-3884

Good Earth Organic Farm, Celeste

Lynn and Paul Magedson run this CSA that's been around for quite a while. The eggs have nice hard shells, and deep orange yolks. They produce eggs, lamb, poultry, and seasonal produce. Visit their site for more information.

Greer Farm, near Mt. Pleasant

A real Texas family farm using sustainable agriculture practices. We have a berry and fruit farm (blackberry, blueberry,figs,plums) that is pick-your-own or pre-picked. We raise lots of unique seasonal vegetables plus Texas staples. If you want a farm stay experieince, we have taken up Culinary and Agritourism offering cabins on the lake and "farm to table" cooking classes. We are getting a good reputation for our grass-fed fullblood red and white Maine-Anjou cattle sold by the split quarter. Check out our website at www.greerfarm.com for updates and details or call Sid Greer 903-645-3232.

Jolie Vue Farms, Brenham

Glen Boudreaux and family operate this enterprise.  Pastured chicken, beef, pork and fresh eggs available year-round, all with access to their respective natural forage. Heritage turkeys, smoked hams, and Pekin duck available for the holiday season. No chemicals, hormones, or antibiotics.

Lonesome Star Farm, North of Alvarado

Lonesome Star Farm was created to prove that 3 parts of an agriculture "triangle" could be successful. 1) Raise heritage & rare livestock that are 100% grass fed. We currently have Kunekune pigs which are a hearty smaller-sized pig that are easy to take care of. 2) Only native grasses are on our land which was an old pasture for at least the last 100 years. Native grasses are disease resistant & drought tolerant and every month gives us beautiful & different flowers too. 3) Lonesome Star Farm must manage the Kunekune pigs and well as the native grasses for all to be successful. For instance, if we put too many pigs on a paddock, both the pigs and grass will starve. Instead, we would open up a larger field so there's more room for rotational grazing. Slow food at its finest.
Our heritage livestock are 100% grass-fed & finished, no antibiotics/hormones/chemical dewormers, and completely free-ranged in a proportionately-sized pesticide-free living area for the good of all. Please check our website for more information and we are taking deposits all Winter 2012-February 2013 for various sized Kunekunes as meat and pet quality. We'll help guide you with delivery. Money back on the $100 deposit plus $20 if we cannot fill your order by April 2013 (but it should be before that).

MoonRyvRanch Dairy, Dallas, Ft. Worth, Denton

MoonRyvRanch (moon river ranch) is one of Texas's original Raw Cow's Milk Dairies. Since 2002 their small family dairy's pastured and pampered Jersey cows have been providing some of the most nutritious, delicious milk around. All Natural milk, bottled on site. Just 5 mi. from Denton they are minutes from Dallas and Ft. Worth. For information and availability e-mail MoonRyvRanchDairy@yahoo.com. Traci and Todd Christian.

Native Son Ranch, Whitewright

A family owned ranch who's principal product is Organic (not yet certified) Registered Black Angus Cattle. Mike and Teri Gordon along with son Billy Gordon (a current Ag. Engineering student at Texas A & M, College Station) see to the daily care of our stock. Our cattle are grass fed on 125 acre pasture. We raise about 85% of our own hay, the balance is locally purchased. All beef steers are born and raised on our ranch. We do not use chemical weed control, fertilizer, hormones, or antibiotics. NSR utilizes Fischer's Meat Market in Munster Texas www.fischersmeatmarket.com for our beef processing unless other arrangements are made in advance. NSR is a green facility utilizing many renewable energy scenario's and self sustaining horticulture practices available for viewing at the ranch. Please log on to web site, linked above, for more information. www.nativesonranch.com . Future plans include web cams that can view cattle from our web site.

Prairie Oasis, West of Weatherford

Prairie Oasis, Allen & Kim Boone, 817-341-1412 or email akboone@itexas.net
Currently selling pastured chicken, eggs, holiday turkeys, and 100% grass-fed lamb and beef (whole ground beef only at this time). All animals are raised in accordance with traditional practices and without growth hormones or antibiotics. Located 4 miles west of Weatherford Courthouse, 1020 Fox Rd, Millsap.

Rehoboth Ranch, Greenville

The Hutchins family raise organic (not certified) grassfed (no grain) beef and lamb, organic (not certified) pastured chickens and pork (ed organic grain in addition to pasture forages), and organic (not certified) eggs from free ranging hens (fed organic grain in addition to pasture forages) on 100% organic pastures. They also operate a state licensed Grade A Raw Goat Milk Dairy. Grade A Raw Goat Milk must be picked up at the farm where it is produced per state regulations. Grade A Raw Goat Milk is booked in advance. You can purchase Rehoboth Ranch products in small quantities (individual packagev per a Retail Price List or large quantities per a Volume Discount Price List. Your order can be picked up at the ranch store in Greenville (open Mon - Sat year round, call before you come), at the Dallas Farmers Market every other Saturday at TEXAS MEATS Supernatural in Shed 2 (10 am - 4 pm) year round, or at the Coppell Farmers Market every Saturday morning (8 am - 12 noon) April t hrough November, or at the McKinney Farmers Market located in Chestnut Square Historic Village every Saturday morning (8 am - 12 noon) April - November. You can also purchase from what is available without pre-ordering at all locations. Pre-orders are also dropped off at the market locations in Coppell and McKinney the last Saturday of each month during the winter months when the McKinney and Coppell seasonal markets are not in session. Call or Email for availability and price lists.
Robert and Nancy Hutchins Family
2238 County Road 1081
Greenville, Texas 75401
Phone (903)450-8145
Email hutchins@rehobothranch.com
Dallas Farmers Market(214)760-7774 during market hours Fri.& Sat.10am-4pm

Rose Creek Farms, Wise County

Rose Creek Farms is a "Certified Naturally Grown" 30-acre farm located in Wise County, Texas. Currently we have 4 acres in organic vegetable and herb production. We grow mostly heirloom variety vegetables and herbs for our Community Supported Agriculture program (CSA). We incorporate vermiculture and natural farming techniques such as composting and animal manures into the soil to ensure a quality product. We use only heirloom and/or certified organic seeds for our vegetables and herbs. Give us a call 940-427-2609 or visit our web site at www.rosecreekfarms.com and check the availability of joining our year round CSA.

Rosey Ridge Farm, Dallas, Ft. Worth, Grandview

Rosey Ridge Farm is State Certified with a "Grade A" Retail Raw milk permit since 2010. The Hooley family milks 25-30 Jersey and Jersey cross cows that forage on native and forage grass diets grown without chemicals. Located 35 miles south of Ft. Worth and 60 miles south of Downtown Dallas only two miles off 35W. From 35W going south take exit 12 - Go east on FM 67 - 2 miles to County Road 4415 on the right (in a curve) First drive on the right. 175 HCR 4415, Grandview, TX 76050 To schedule a pickup, call BethAnn at 817-789-5196 or email her at roseyridgefarm@gmail.com Website: www.roseyridgefarm.com

Sand Creek Farm, Jones Prairie (half way between Cameron & Calvert, TX)

Sand Creek Farm, www.sandcreekfarm.net, was the FIRST licensed Raw for Retail Cow Milk dairy in Texas, as well as the only dairy we know of that offers raw milk from purely grass-fed Jersey and Jersey cross dairy cows! Their small herd of Jersey cows (with that wonderful high fat, nutrient dense milk) graze on their 169 acre family farm, which is managed with all natural products and farming methods (they even work the farm using real Horse-power!( They are regularly inspected by the Texas Health Dept, and surpass the most stringent guidelines for cleanliness and quality and they manage a closed herd of cattle tested for TB, Brucellosis, BVD, BLV and Johnes.

They sell raw milk by the gallon, packaged in sterile plastic milk jugs (fresh or frozen), and offer a farm program for milk which gives members a discounted milk price as well as first pick of other farm products such as yogurt, kefir, kefir grains, grass fed beef by the cuts / fresh sausages / smoked all beef hot dogs and sausages, pastured eggs, pastured pork, pastured broilers, raw honey, non-certified organic Grade B Maple syrup (seasonal), jams made from fruit juices instead of sugar, a large naturally grown garden (seasonal) plus other annual bulk buys and specials.

The farm is open for tour by the public about once a month or for small groups by special appointment. Butter/Cheese Making, Horse Farming and Home Milk Cow clinics are also offered. See the events page on the website for details or send an e-mail to request special events or training sessions on other topics.

If you are interested in Sand Creek Farm, please e-mail ben@sandcreekfarm.net for more information.
Ben & Alysha Godfrey
254-697-2927 Farm

Southern Grace Personal Chef Service

Chef Nancy Falster has just what you need to put into practice all you are hearing/reading about Nourishing Traditions, the cookbook by Sally Fallon. Visit Chef Nancy's website to find all the different occasions for a Personal Chef. However, her interest is in providing real food and helping her customers implement a 'whole food lifestyle'.

Chef Nancy and her husband own Falster Farm and have found that eating the scrumptious old world style foods (from recipes found in Nourishing Traditions) has improved their health in numerous ways. As her website explains, she will come and cook up a week's worth of deliciously flavorful meals for you and your family; OR, set your kitchen up and transform it into to a Nourishing Traditional Kit-chen. Chef Nancy will leave your pantry filled with fermenting salsa, sprouting grains, Lacto-filled fruit butters, kefir and a host of other goodies to set your family on the right road to good health. Dine in Taste with Southern Grace!

Texas Cheese


Texas Organic Mushrooms, Denison

Texas Organic Mushrooms is a family-owned certified organic mushroom farm located in Denison, Texas. We grow shiitake, maitake and hericium mushrooms. Our mushrooms are available in most Central Market and Whole Foods stores.

Truth Hill Farms, Farmersville

They offer grass finished beef, milk fed pastured raised pork, pastured raised lamb & chicken, and eggs. Also, they offer coconut oil, real salt, local raw honey, & kiefers. They are setting up an organic produce co-op at this time. They can be contacted at truth_hill@yahoo.com and at 214-491-9441 or 214-538-0858.

Vista Knoll Farm, Tom Bean and Whitewright

Vista Knoll Farm was started in Tom Bean in 1972 with the goal of raising Registered Devon Cattle breeding stock. Devons are an old heritage breed that does well on grass and has not been genetically modified for the grain industry. They are a very docile low stress animal that produces gourmet beef. We do not feed them any grain or GMO products or use hormones, steroids or antibiotics. They are raised on native and improved Bermuda pastures with plenty of shade trees to help them deal with our Texas weather. We have recently started selling ours steers to individuals either by the half or whole. We deliver them to Hess Meat Market in Muenster for processing as we have found they best understand how to handle grass finished beef. We also sell hamburger in larger quantities as available. We welcome visits from interested individuals by appointment.
Charlie and Virginia Whitworth
We can be reached at 903-815-8919 (Charlie) or 972-989-4934 (Virginia). Visit our web site for more information: www.vistaknollfarms.com

Windy Meadows Family Farm, NE of Dallas

Windy Meadows Family Farm is located about 60 miles northeast of Dallas between  state-inspected processing facility right on the farm. Their chicken is found in a few of the nicest restaurants in Dallas. They also raise grass-finished beef and lamb and pastured eggs. Soon they hope to add a pastured raw milk cow dairy to the farm.