North Texas Traditional Living
Online Resources

Healthy Living Discussion Groups

Native Nutrition Greater Dallas Area

Group for local Texans on native living.

Better Health Clue

International group interested in traditional food ways and living.

Microbial Nutrition

Group for fermentation fans.

Raw Paleo Diet

Group for fans of raw paleolithic foods.

General Nutrition Links

Organic Consumers Association

This website is full of nutritional information and resources for the health of the the person and the planet.

Dr. Mercola

This site is the #1 natural health site, providing information, products and recommendations for a healthier lifestyle.

Local Harvest

A website to help you find local farmers.

The International Network of Cholesterol Skeptics

A web site of a group of scientists who are dedicated to debunking Cholesterol myths.

Organic Wine Company

Fine European organic and biodynamic wines.

Wise Food Ways

Thought provoking articles about food, health, agriculture, and life.


EXCELLENT information on fermented foods, their benefits, and recipes!

Of Interest to Farmers & Gardeners

Texas Organic Farmers & Gardeners Association

Organic ... Sustainable ... Local.

Green Mamas Organic Gardening Center

Richland Hills, Texas Gardening Center.

Soil & Health

Enjoy this excellent free site on soil and health.

Texas Pecan Nursery

Locals say that the best fruit tree nursery in Texas is Texas Pecan Nursery.

Journey to Forever

Another great site for soil and health.


Biodynamic Farming for nutrient dense foods.

Permaculture Pages

Links on sustainable living.

Managing Wholes

Summary: To determine what landscapes need in order to remain healthy, we need to consider an area's biological productivity as well as its degree of brittleness.

Holistic Management International Texas

A website for those with an interest in natural resources, sustainable agriculture, ecosystem health, financial success and biological diversity.

Dirt Doctor

Toxic chemistry is not the answer to gardening or living. Organic or natural gardening and living is the answer.

Path to Freedom

One step at a time ... living a revolution.

National Sustainable Agriculture Information Service

Looking for the latest in sustainable agriculture and organic farming news, events and funding opportunities? We feature all that.

Real Milk

Raw Milk

"Preserving the people's right to choose the healthy foods they want, through education and activism." 

Supplemental Report in Favor of Raw Milk

A legal brief in favor of pure, unadulterated milk.

Dr. Ron Schmid's Article on Raw Milk

A naturopathic doctor explains the many benefits of raw milk

Raw Milk Is Good For You

Thomas Cowan, MD reports on the goodness of raw milk.

Raw Milk: Forsaken Food

Editorial on raw milk and its demise in our culture.

Fermentation Information

Wild Fermentation

Fermentation makes food more nutritious, as well as delicious!

Dom's Kefir-making in-site

This web page contains details explaining the procedure for culturing traditional dairy-milk kefir, including recipes for culturing non-dairy kefir-related beverages.

Sustainable Practices

Solar Cooking

Make your own solar cooker and save energy.

Backwoods Home magazine

Practical ideas for self-reliant living.