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Texas Real Milk Availability

Current Texas laws say that in order to sell raw milk, a dairy must be certified "Grade A RAW for Retail", and must sell from the farm. The good part of that is that you know where your food is coming from and who is producing it (unlike the milk in stores that is pooled from many different farms.)

Texas' First Licensed "Raw for Retail Cow Dairy"

In 2005, our first cow dairy received "Grade A Raw for Retail" licensing. And now in 2007 we have another! This is a huge step for Raw Milk in Texas! Sand Creek Farm was the first licensed Raw for Retail Cow Milk dairy in Texas, as well as the only dairy we know of that offers raw milk from purely grass-fed Jersey cows! Their small herd of Jersey cows (with that wonderful high fat, nutrient dense milk) graze on their 40 acre family farm, which is managed with all natural products and farming methods (they even work the farm using real Horse-power!) They are regularly inspected by the Texas Health Dept, and surpass the most stringent guidelines for cleanliness and quality. They sell raw milk by the gallon, packaged in sterile plastic milk jugs (fresh or frozen), and offer a farm program for milk which gives members a discounted milk price as well as first pick of other farm products such as pastured eggs, pastured broilers and a seasonal "u pick em" naturally grown garden. If you are interested in grass-fed Raw Cow Milk from a Licensed Dairy, please e-mail for more information.

Life in its fullness is nature obeyed.

Weston A. Price

Milk Clubs in Texas

For several years now in Texas, raw milk has been available with Milk Club membership. Membership requires you to take some responsibility for the quality and safety of your food, but allows you to buy raw milk products for you/your family. To become a member, you sign an agreement and pay a one-time, individual/family membership fee to the farmer. This type of arrangement has been legally challenged in Wisconsin, and stood up in the courts. This arrangement has not been challenged in Texas. If you believe that the government/Health Dept. is the best judge of what is healthy for your family, this program is probably NOT for you. In order to join the milk club, you must sign a membership agreement which states:

"The Owner/Owners of this Membership Interest fully understand the health warnings and risks of consuming non-pasteurized dairy products, as issued by the State of Texas Department of Health and the United States Department of Health and Human Services, which consider un-graded raw milk unfit for human consumption and a health risk, with the greatest risk in young children, the elderly and those whose immune system has been compromised. The Owner/Owners of this Membership Interest fully understand that as a Membership Interest Owner, you will be directly responsible for the safety of the dairy products, meats, and other farm products you receive, thereby relieving the State of Texas Department of Health and the United States Department of Health and Human Services of any responsibility for regulation of these Dairy Products."

Raw Goat Milk

There are several goat dairies in Texas that are certified "Grade A Raw for Retail" and you can get the goats milk from their farm, by picking it up on-site, or ordering and having it mailed or delivered.

More information

If you are interested in joining a Milk Club, please view the extensive list at the Real Milk Website. Please also see our Local Farms list on this site. Please contact the farms directly for information and availability, as we cannot answer questions concerning milk clubs.